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Perhaps you’re familiar with the thanks-for-playing feeling of utter woe when you realize tickets to the concert you’re whole life has been leading up to sold out in 60 seconds flat.

You start going through the five stages of grief. First complete denial. How did it sell out so quickly and how did you not get tickets? How? Next comes anger. You didn’t want to go to that dumb concert anyway! What a lame-fest! Now the bargaining stage. How can you get those tickets? There must be a way. In desperation, your mind falls on one option: scalping.

Time for some scalping 101. What’s the first step? Don’t.

Desperate times do not have to call for desperate measures. Here are five solid reasons you shouldn’t scalp:

Reason 1: It’sseriously frowned upon in most states
If ticket scalping was a good thing, scalpers wouldn’t have signs that read, “Need tickets” They clearly have tickets–so what’s the deal with the false messaging? Most states have bans or restrictions against scalping tickets, according to Because scalpers are unregulated, you could be purchasing a fraudulent ticket, which brings us to our next point …

Reason 2: You never know what you’re going to get
Scalpers can trick you good. In desperation you will probably fork over any sum of money just to get into the concert. By the time you get to the gate and find that your ticket is a knock-off, that scammer is long gone–definitely not worth the risk.

Reason 3: Scalpers are the ones that got your ticket in the first place
Didn’tthink about that, did you? Scalpers buy bulk tickets to resell for jacked-up prices to you in your time of need. Don’t reward them. That money should be supporting your favorite artist, not that guy. Oh right, artists, let’s see what they think.

Reason 4: Your favorite artists hate it
T-Swift and Bono would be really disappointed to learn how you obtained those tickets. Country artist Eric Church told USA Today that he only wants his tickets to go to his real fans, and those do not come from scalpers. When asked for his opinion on scalpers, Church shared how he really feels. “The people that are scalping these tickets are the equivalent of crime rings basically,” said Church. Then he compared their business to the mafia.

Reason 5: You have better options
Secondary ticket markets like CheapTickets are completely legit, trustworthy and artist-approved. And when you have an affordable, low-risk option, why would you dance with the devil?

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