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A year ago I moved from Ohio to Florida, a grueling 15 hour drive I luckily only had to make once. Since then, I’ve probably spent at least one weekend a month visiting my parents at home or friends out of state,  enough to know what my favorite thing on the menu is at all the terminal restaurants and where all the good outlets are at Tampa International.  In the last year I’ve learned is that traveling isn’t always fun, but I’ll never take it for granted.


1. Flying is freedom – When I graduated from college I moved to a city where I didn’t know anyone and I’d only visited once, but I always knew home was only a flight away. Knowing that made the move a little less scary, and being able to visit friends and explore the cool cities where they live is so much fun. Flying is both the freedom to go home and anywhere else.

2. Flying is basically time travel – Have you ever been on one of those flights that leaves in one time zone and then, like magic, lands at almost the exact same time in another time zone. The feeling of getting of a plane and having not lost any time is the air is amazing. There is just something about it that makes you feel like you’ve beaten the system.

3. It makes the world smaller –  50 years ago if you wanted to talk to a friend who lived out of town, you wrote them a letter and put it in the mail because long distance phone calls were expensive and visiting was practically out of the question. Since then, the world has shrunk with access to air travel that would have been totally out of the questions for our parents and grandparents. Flying just isn’t the major event it used to be, it’s part of the normal human experience, and that is incredible.

4. Deals deals deals – Every time I check my email I have a notification about a fare sale. Nothing beats a deal, and when it comes to booking flights, I try to save as much as I can where I can. Flying is expensive, but off-peak deals and flash sales make it easier to find something in my price range and maybe goon a trip I otherwise wouldn’t have. Try the Flights under $200 section on (Click the link and scroll down.)

5. You can make new friends – Talking to people seated next to you on the plane is not for everyone, it’s not even always for me. But occasionally you meet someone who lives in your area or is visiting the same place you are and, BAM, you already have something in common. With flying you get to meet people that otherwise you never would have, and even if that person is only someone you vent with about a flight delay or chit chat about travel plans, there is something to be said about being exposed to different people.

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