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Spontaneity can be fun. But when you decide to take a last-minute vacation, the struggle is real.

1. Work, bills, traffic… I need a mental vacation.

2. Oh, who am I kidding? I need an actual vacation.

cheap tickets- 32 stages- maldive villas

3. There’s a holiday weekend coming up. I was planning to binge-watch Netflix while eating Nutella straight from the jar, but I guess I could take a quick getaway.

4. Maybe I can find a last-minute deal online.

cheap tickets- 32 stages- looking at map-600px5. Let’s see… domestic or international? YOLO: International it is!

6. Immunizations? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

7. My passport’s expired anyway. Domestic it is!

8. Where have I always wanted to go?

9. Wait… these prices are in American dollars?

cheap tickets- 32 stages- confused woman-600px

10. What’s my budget?

11. Oh, wow. There’s actually an available flight in my price range.
cheap ticketes- 32 stages- woman happy at computer-600px

12. With three layovers each way.

cheap tickets- 32 stages- frustrated at computer

13. I don’t wanna be flexible about my travel days. I don’t wanna fly into some no-name airport.

14. I need to be realistic about this. Beggars can’t be choosers.

15. Wait, I think I remember something about last-minute flight deals on CheapTickets.

16. Score! Flight booked. Time to find a hotel. Gotta check reviews.

17. Oh, that place is nice. A pillow menu and artisinal honey? Don’t mind if I do.

cheap tickets-32 stages- honey jar-600px

18. It’s full. Of course.

19. Why are all the hotel rooms in this town sold out?

cheap tickets-32 stages- over it on computer-600px

20. There’s a big event in town that weekend? That would’ve been nice to know before I bought plane tickets. Maybe I can stay with someone I know. I think my friend from high school lives there. I’ll look her up on Facebook.

21. Judging from her Facebook wall, she just had a baby. Probably not the best time for company. Plus, I’d have to buy a baby gift, and that would eat into my budget.

cheap ticktets-32 stages-baby eating money-600px

22. Maybe I should ask a travel agent for help. You’ve gotta spend money to save money, right?

23. I just remembered: I think my cousin’s brother-in-law has a place there. I’ll ask my parents for his phone number.

24. He’s up for company! Futon, sweet futon.

cheap tickets- 32 stages- futon-600px

25. So it isn’t much, but at least it’s a free place to stay. Besides, I’ll spend most of the weekend sightseeing, anyway.

26. What is there to do during this time of year?

27. Rainy season? No one said anything about a rainy season.

28. Maybe I should just go back to Plan A.

cheap tickets- 32 stages-nutella-600px

29. LAME. I can do this.

30. There’s gotta be stuff to do when it’s raining.

31. That museum exhibit looks cool. And I can catch a flick at the historic movie theater.

32. It beats binge-watching Netflix at home.

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