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Love don’t cost a thing, but when you’re a guest at a destination wedding, the damages can add up quickly.

1. Oooh–what’s this in the mail. It’s not a bill. Sa-weet!

2. It’s a wedding invitation.

3. Could’ve done without all the sand in the envelope, but whatevs.

4. This must be a destination wedding. Where do I get to go?

5. OMG, this place has been on my bucket list ever since I saw that Instagram pic. This is my perfect excuse to visit.

St. Lucia 3
6. I wonder how much it’ll cost? Better check the wedding website.

7. Let’s see… how the couple met… yada yada… wedding party… blah blah blah… registry —

8. Wait, they expect me to fly halfway around the world and buy them a salad spinner?

9. But that resort does look pretty amazing. And the couple got all the guests a discounted rate.

10. Hold on…that’s the price after the discount?

11. Maybe I’ll stay someplace cheaper. Lemme Google it.

12. These websites aren’t even in English.

13. The wedding might as well be on Mars.

14. But I don’t think they have welcome cocktails on Mars.

15. I need a drink.

16. Where’s my passport anyway?

17. That thing better not be expired.

18. It’s gonna cost a fortune to expedite a new passport.

19. And don’t even get me started on airfare.

20. How many vacation days will I have left by the time I fly there and back?

21. So much for visiting my family next Thanksgiving.

22. Maybe I can convince my boss that I’ll be working remotely.

23. Right. Like I’m even bringing my laptop.

woman in a hammock on a tropical beach_legs_feet_shutterstock_262139579
24. I wonder if the resort will give me a welcome bag full of exotic candies and soaps I can’t find in the States?

Hand made soap and aroma candles _shutterstock_151866110
25. I need that soap.

26. The wedding website says there’ll be a pre-wedding kayaking excursion and post-wedding brunch on the beach.

27. Beach. As in, swimsuits.

28. I need a personal trainer, like, yesterday.

dog_gym trainer_shutterstock_211924912
29. I’m totally going to use this trip as a wellness retreat. I’ll do sunrise yoga every day.

yoga on the beach_shutterstock_268389839
30. Unless I feel like sleeping in.

Woman relax on the beach with blue sea_shutterstock_272303879
31. I could use a nap right now.

Tired sleeping Asian woman on office desk_shutterstock_259211090
32. Focus.

33. Resort fee?

34. You can’t be serious.

35. Forget it, this is too much of a hassle.

blank white flying flag on a clear sky for designer_surrender_shutterstock_217159570
36. I’m sure they’ll have a reception back home — a barbecue or something. I’ll just go to that.

Wooden heart and sign "WELCOME" on picnic table_set_shutterstock_211844236
37. It’s not like the couple will even have timeto hang out with their guests. They won’t even miss me.

38. But they will notice that I’m not in any of the photos.

39. I belong in those photos.

40. Maybe I can find a deal on CheapTickets.

41. Huh: I could actually save a bunch of money with the Cheap of the Week promo code.

42. Okay, maybe I can make this work.

43. After all, you can’t put a price on love.

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