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Pack your bikinis, trunks, sunscreen, flip flops, and don’t you dare forget that smartphone. It’s your selfie soulmate; the only way your can prove to your social following that you’re having the best spring break ever. Spring break trelfies (as in, travel selfies) are your time to shine. Enter our CheapTickets Spring Break Trelfie Contest with one of these five trelfie types for a chance to win a free trip.

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Beach and poolside

The better part of any proper spring break is spent on the beach or lounging by the pool. These selfies are easy to spot because the dress code is strictly swimwear, shades, and the occasional florescent inner-tube.

beahc selfie small


Candid is key. Group selfies are great because everyone’s too worried about fitting the whole crew in to think about their most flattering angle. It’s like a spring break team building exercise. The result is always awesomely unstaged, so get weird with it. That one’s a keeper!

group selfie small


A night out–what’s not to selfie? Everyone is looking spiffy and ofcourse the mid-dance pose is an impressive feat that only the most seasoned selfie takers can accomplish.

clubbing selfie small


The possibilities are endless on the road. Any thing road-side that has a sign starting with “world’s biggest…” deserves a selfie. Or keep it simple and snap one with your backseat buddy.

Car selfie small


Okay, so you didn’t make it to the coast for spring break, but that’s because there are mountains to hike, trails to bike, and extreme backdrops to take selfies in front of. Remember bears are camera shy, so ask them before you selfie.

Adventure selfie small


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