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Farm fresh produce for a healthy summer meal. Credit: NatalieMaynor.

By Derek Brown

I can still smell the fresh street fair food from my weekend trip to New York City.  Grilled summer corn, fresh fruit carts and lots of greasy deliciousness are summer scents that are hard to resist, but I managed to just enjoy the aroma.  It’s a good thing, too.  There are so many chefs creating amazing meals with the freshest ingredients right from the farm.  Here are 3 New York City restaurants where the focus is on healthy, sustainable and delicious dining.

PRINT Restaurant at Ink48

, a farm-to-table restaurant, at Kimpton’s Ink48 Hotel gets rave reviews from diners and awards from the critics.  The full-time forager is constantly seeking out ingredients from local farms.  Rise and shine to a nutritious day with a seasonal omelet, local vegetables, toast and roasted potatoes.  You’ll know every farm where the food is coming from.

2. The Green Table
Inside Chelsea Market is The Green Table where the menu is dictated by the current harvest.  Even the beer and wine are made using sustainable practices.   The current menu, from July6th, has plenty to taste for lunch.  Start with the Harvest Salad made with local cheese, nuts and Hudson Valley fruit.  Then try the Roasted Organic Chicken Breast that’s braised with local greens, buttered spatzle and thyme jus.

3. Blue Hill New York
For dinner, indulge at this family establishment, Blue Hill New York, and celebrate seasonal American cuisine.  There’s a neighborhood restaurant atmosphere in the former “speakeasy” building, and service is quite attentive.  Among the highlights of the current menu is an appetizer of first of the season string beans and grilled peaches.  One entrée to consider is the Block Island Tilefish with sugar snap peas, leeks,and pistachios.

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Derek Brown, a member of the Orbitz editorial team, is looking forward to several other fantastic food & wine experiences planned for this summer, including a trip to Napa.

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