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By Derek Brown

Warm-up the vocal cords, practice in the shower and break out in song when you check in at some Southern California hotels.  Guests are “Singing for an Upgrade” and the VIP treatment at these five hotels:

Hotel Erwin entrance in Venice Beach.

1. Shorebreak Hotel in Huntington Beach
2. Pacific Edge Hotel in Laguna Beach
3. Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach
4. Hotel Angeleno in Los Angeles
5. Custom Hotel LAX

The upgrades, which go to the first singer each day, don’t come with a record deal, but there’s plenty of exposure.  Each performance gets recorded and put up on YouTube and Facebook for the world to judge.  The singer’s video with the most votes will win a two-night stay at each Southern California hotel.

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Derek Brown, a member of the Orbitz editorial team, won’t belt out in public.  However, blackmail videos are known to exist with a microphone thumb.

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