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Don't assume that resorts are too expensive. Coco Key boasts spacious suites for reasonable rates.

By Maria Mora

For its valueprices and theme park appeal, Orlando will always be on the family’s radar as a spring break destination, but a tight budget shouldn’t be a sentence to cramped quarters or zero amenities. Follow these tips for cheap Orlando vacations that incorporate both space and amusement.

Stay at a resort
Resorts don’t always mean expensive rates. Try mid-level resorts like Coco Key Water Hotel & Water Park near the Universal Studios property. At under $100 a night, this resort will help you save money on attractions, since your family can spend the entire day in the incredible water park located right on the hotel grounds. It’s one of the standout cheap hotels in Orlando.

Book a suite
Cheap Orlando vacations with large families can be more difficult to pull off. The key is to find rooms that comfortably sleep four to six adults. For example, Quality Suites The Royale Parc Suites just outside Orlando offers huge rooms at low prices, with a location very convenient to the main theme parks. Look into extended stay hotels with functioning kitchens.

Book attraction packages
Look into packages that save money on attraction tickets. Depending on your needs, this might mean “park hopper” tickets or special multi-day passes. Ask attractions about special deals on next day tickets. If you’re a Florida resident, be sure to capitalize on those discounts. Small-scale attractions like dinner shows often offer bulk discounts if you book more than one.

Cut corners
Be money savvy while you’re on your trip.

  • Avoid last-minute dining decisions by grocery shopping and eating in your room whenever you can.
  • Never shop for toiletries at your resort — the prices are way too high.
  • Eat at your hotel’s free continental breakfast.
  • Take advantage of the free amenities at your resort. Most have great kids’ play areas.

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Maria Mora is a memoir blogger and wannabe photographer. She travels extensively throughout Florida and the Caribbean with her two young sons.

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