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Cheap hotels in Los Angeles are surprisingly ritzy for the price. When booking your Los Angeles vacation, do some investigating ahead of time to find cheap Los Angeles hotels with great reviews and convenient locations. No matter what part of the city you want to stay in and explore, you can find Los Angeles hotel deals perfectly suited for your family’s vacation. Here are some of our favorite go-to hotels in Los Angeles.

There’s something that’s always drawn me to Barbados. Maybe it’s the fact that you really can’t get any further east without actually exiting the Caribbean and finding yourself already halfway across the Atlantic to Africa. Or maybe it’s the local culture, and the fact that everyone there speaks English so I don’t have to feel as if I’m coming off like another annoying tourist (which I am, let’s face it). But looking over the bevy of cheap Caribbean vacations that I found online recently, I realized that I might just be in love with Barbados because it’s so darn cheap to vacation there. If you think that’s silly and that maybe I need to perform a reevaluation of my priorities, check out the two cheap Caribbean vacations I found below and then tell me I’m crazy.

Springtime is one of the best seasons to visit San Francisco, as the weather is usually mild and cloudless, without the rain that typically dampens other parts of the country. And with San Francisco hotel deals galore, now is the perfect time to plan a Northern California vacation. Relax and unwind in West Coast style at one of these three cheap San Francisco hotels.

I like dining out as much as everyone else, but when it comes to feeding my family while on vacation, the expenses are as hard to swallow as the $5 bottled water on sale in the theme parks. And after a day pushing the Maclaren in sweltering temps, the last headache I need is another friggin’ line. Parents, can I get an amen? During our last family vacation, we found cheap Orlando hotels equipped with kitchenettes to be a lifesaver. Thank goodness for the four-burner stoves; why pay Denny’s $40 for breakfast when you can cook your own eggs and toast in the privacy of your own room? And the best part: Not having to make yourself up just to look halfway decent in front of the rest of the guests in line for the free Rice Krispies.

By Vince Font This might sound strange, but every time I think about St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago I can’t help remembering the scene from “The Fugitive” where Harrison Ford uses the parading throngs to make good on his getaway from Tommy Lee Jones. While the actual parade and river dyeing happened over the weekend, [read more…]

St. Patrick’s Day approaches, and short of flying across the pond to Ireland, there are few places that get more into the spirit than Boston. That’s no surprise when you consider that the Boston Irish Tourism Association reports almost a quarter of Massachusetts residents claims Irish ancestry.

There’s something truly sublime about last minute vacations that gets lost whenever you plan in advance. Some of the most memorable experiences are those that are had at the spur of the moment. Think you can’t afford to take an impulsive vacation to the west coast? Think again. You can find cheap last-minute flights and book cheap California hotels at a moment’s notice if you know where to look. Rest assured that if the urge to get the heck out of dodge for a weekend and do something exciting should strike, you’ve got plenty of options.

By Maria Mora Orlando hotels will always be staples in spring break vacation and summer vacation planning, but a cheap Florida vacation doesn’t need to center on Walt Disney World. Plenty of other cities with cheap Florida hotels tease with their access to the beach, nightlife and fine dining. The following four cities broaden the [read more…]

Miami’s nightclub scene and upscale shopping districts are no doubt legendary, but even in the land of Mazaratis and Moet, it’s still surprisingly easy to find cheap Miami hotels. Unlike many cheap Florida hotels, Miami hotels stand out from chains and typical rest area hotels near attractions.

In the vacation world, Cancun hotels hold evergreen status for their ability to deliver a little piece of paradise that won’t break the bank. From all-inclusive vacations to boutique charmers, Mexico resorts pack so many activities — spa treatments, water sports and the like — into a getaway that you’ll probably leave with more than just a tan. Behold three discount hotels that marry great prices with multiple amenities: