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Cheap Miami hotel idea No. 1: The rooftop sundeck at Chesterfield.

By Maria Mora

The nightlife scorches, the beaches picturesque and the shopping as luxe as a Gucci bag. We can only be talking about one place: South Beach, the capital of East Coast opulence. While the lifestyle caters to more Cristal than Coors Lite, it’s still surprisingly easy to find cheap Miami hotels in the land of Ferraris and supermodels. With specials at hotels like The Majestic Hotel, Chesterfield Hotel and RED South Beach Hotel — all at under $150 a night — these properties beckon cheap conossieurs to take the ultimate Miami vacation. So go ahead–take your beach vacation now, and don’t forget to pack your swimsuit and stilettos.

South Beach Tips:

  • Book wisely: When looking for cheap Miami hotels, consider booking in the off-season, on week days or for multiple nights to take advantage of hotel specials.
  • Ask the locals: Upon arrival, ask the front desk staff for recommendations. Many local South Beach restaurants offer discounts to affiliated hotel guests.
  • Save room for shopping: Miami vacations offer plenty of temptation in the form of designer boutiques, great local shops and incredible art.
  • Pack flexibly: In Miami, you have to go with the flow. Don’t try to adhere to rigid agendas. Pack everything from a skimpy swimsuit to cocktail wear so that you’re ready for adventure.
  • Map your stay: If you prefer walking, consult maps before choosing your hotel. Miami beach isn’t overly expansive, but it helps to be closer to the attractions and shops you’re interested in walking to from your hotel.
  • Sample ethnic flavors: Skip chain restaurants on your visit. Miami vacations give visitors a chance to experience a wide variety of cultures and incredible cuisine from around the world.

So whether you prefer fine cuisine or celebrity spotting on the beach, your wallet will be able to handle it. The smart traveler knows that even a Miami beach vacation can be affordable.

Maria Mora is a memoir blogger and wannabe photographer. She travels extensively throughout Florida and the Caribbean with her two young sons.

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