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Savvy travelers know the key to affording a getaway to just about any place in the world is in picking the best off-peak time of the year to visit. Pairing the right destination with the cheapest time to travel there can sometimes mean hitting the beaches a little later, the ski lifts earlier, and avoiding the rates associated with high-season hotel stays.

The good news is that CheapTickets has done the homework for you with our Value Travel Forecast, just released this week. From domestic hotspots, like Miami and New York, to international markets, such as Spain, Italy and France, the forecast identifies the most popular destinations on, the cheapest month in which to stay at those destinations, and, for the first time, projected the overall cheapest months for 3-star hotel stays in 2011 based on the previous year’s data.

Among the highlights:
• January is the cheapest time to travel with the lowest average daily rate for a 3-star hotel of any month at $88.78.  In addition, 17 of the top 70 destinations had their lowest average daily hotel rates in January.

• If seasonality trends hold true, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, could provide consumers the highest savings for off-peak 3-star hotel stays in 2011. In 2010, consumers experienced average savings of 70 percent when booking in August (rather than February, the most expensive month).  Munich, Germany, came in second with 69 percent savings when travelers book hotel stays in November (versus the peak month of September).

• Two other popular destinations projected to offer significant off-peak savings in 2011 include San Francisco and Miami.  In 2010, travelers to San Francisco saved 40% for 3-star hotel stays in March (compared to peak season travel in September).  Conversely, travelers to Miami saved 48% in September compared to peak season March rates.

For more travel savings insight, see the Value Travel Forecast.

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