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By Maria Mora

BellagioIt’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to choose between Las Vegas hotels, each with their own unique attractions. For me, the choice is simple — I adore the Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas. As soon as you walk into this upscale hotel, you feel like you’ve traveled across the world to a decadent European destination.

While the little details like flat screen TVs in the guest rooms certainly add to the experience, it’s the flashy attractions that really get me. Even though it snowed last time I was in Vegas, I stood outside for an hour to get a close-up look at a few performances by one of the most reliable Sin City entertainers — the fountain at the Bellagio. My husband took pictures of me grinning like a loon in front of the cascade of dancing light and water.

Once you get past this stunning water show, there’s still plenty to do. Here are my top 5 must-do activities when visiting the Bellagio:

  1. See “O” by Cirque du Soleil: This water-themed Cirque show pairs nicely with the fantastic fountain outside. You don’t have to love the circus to love the jaw-dropping acrobatics performed by the Cirque du Soleil entertainers. Kids under five aren’t permitted — guests traveling with small children should book a babysitter with the Bellagio staff.
  2. Eat at The Buffet: I learned the true meaning of “all you can eat” at the Bellagio’s famous buffet. This gourmet buffet serves up elegant dishes ranging from sushi to Kobe beef. Don’t miss the butternut squash ravioli with browned butter and sage but save room for more — the dessert table alone is worth the price.
  3. Dance at The Bank: This nightclub is one of the most exclusive hot-spots on the strip. Head to the club early to get in, and dress to impress. Keep on the lookout for celebrities in the VIP area.
  4. Drink a Bellagio Mojito: Recover from the night before by lounging next to the luxurious pool with a signature cocktail. The Bellagio Mojito is made with fresh berries and mint (think of it as an extra dose of vitamins).
  5. Get a Watsu massage: I’m not very flexible. But thanks to 94-degree water and an expert massage therapist, I bent in ways I never thought possible during this unique aquatic massage. Pack a bathing suit for this treatment.

Maria Mora is a memoir blogger and wannabe photographer. She travels extensively throughout Florida and the Caribbean with her two young sons.

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