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Snorkeling in Lo Sama Bay. By Rene Ehrnardt

Snorkeling in Lo Sama Bay. Credit: Rene Ehrnardt.

Everyone knows the savings don’t stop at finding the cheapest air and hotel rates—that’s just the beginning.  Keep the budget-friendly fun going with tips from CheapTickets’ own budget-savvy travelers. Last week we introduced our first installment on wining and dining, 10 Thrifty travel tips for budget-friendly dining. Today, we’ve got morethrifty travel tips on finding cheap vacation thrills.

8 Thrifty travel tips for activities and entertainment from CheapTickets travelers

1. “Calling all night owls! If you can keep the party going, the MGM Grand lowers many tables to a $5 minimum bet after hours. You can play longer and raise your chances of winning big!”

2. “Enjoy the great outdoors! Spend the day at the beach, find a trail to hike, or just enjoy the neighborhood. It’s a great way to get to know the area for FREE!”

3. “Instead of taking professional tours, check out timeshares that will give you the tour for free.  It’s a great way to see the city and save at the same time.”

4. “Contact your destination’s tourist information bureaus in advance for FREE coupon books full of potential adventures.  You’ll save a bunch and find out about the best local activities the city has to offer!”

5. “Try playing the penny slots at a casino to earn some extra spending cash. You have to play to win but a small wager might be worth the gamble.”

6. “Pick up a copy of the local newspaper. You never know when you will find a free concert or stumble upon a local event.”

7. “Check out the weekly rates on renting umbrellas or snorkel gear. Many resorts offer reduced prices so you can stretch your vacation pennies a little longer.”

8. “If traveling to a beach location, bring your own snorkel and a blow-up float to lie on in the water.  It saves on rental fees and doesn’t take up much space.”

Want to share your thrifty travel tip with us?  Comment below or Tweet it to @CheapTickets and it might appear in our next list!

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