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Flikr Credit: kelowna09

Credit: kelowna09.

We all know there’s no need to break the bank for a fabulous vacation. And no one knows better than you — the savviest of budget travelers — how to turn the most frugal of vacations into the stuff of luxurious dreams.

That’s why we’ve turned to CheapTickets travelers around the world and compiled their thriftiest travel tips here for you. Today, we present their top 10 delish travel tips for wining and dining on vacation.

10 thrifty travel tips for wining and dining from CheapTickets travelers:

1. “Try eating in the café section of 5-star restaurants to get the same large portions for a fraction of the cost.”

2. “Look for hotels that offer a continental breakfast. This is standard fare for many hotels,
but the extra money can go towards an afternoon activity.”

3.“Stay away from the mini-bar! Once your reach your destination, visit the duty-free shop
in the airport and pick up  a bottle of your favorite wine or champagne.”

4. “Stay hydrated. Large families can save $10 a meal by ordering water instead of soda.
Save the sweet tooth for desert!”

5. “Kiss the chef! Make use of the kitchen in your hotel/condo and show off your culinary skills.
Your family (and your wallet) will be very appreciative.”

6. “Eat lunch at an upscale restaurant instead of dinner. You’ll enjoy the same great meal for a whole lot less.”

7. “Always bring a reusable water bottle—be green and save green at the same time.”

8. “Prep a shopping list ahead of time and contact the local grocery store for coupons.”

9. “If you know your road trip route in advance, search for restaurant coupons you can use along the way.”

10. “Apply for the frequent shopper card at the local grocery store to save a little cash when dining in. Who knows when you’ll be back.”

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