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By Kate Schwartz

The end of winter is within sight, and I’ve caught a terrible case of Spring Fever, which means a cheap vacation and a little adventure is in order. With zero vacation days left and little money to spend, I’m thinking about a weekend getaway. CheapTickets has dozens of cheap travel deals for 2-day vacation packages under $500, which makes getting away for the weekend easy and affordable. The only problem is which cheap vacation to choose:

  • For a little glitz and glamour, head to Las Vegas. From Denver, a cheap flight plus two nights at a hotel only runs about $336 per person, leaving plenty of money for the slot machines.
  • For those of us in desperate need of a tan, San Diego is a great option. A cheap flight and 2-night hotel stay from Philadelphia to San Diego only costs about $482. All you need from there is a bathing suit, flip flops, beach towel and SPF — sunburns can be brutal!
  • If you aren’t bathing-suit ready, snow pants do an excellent job of hiding winter weight. Spring skiing is invigorating, and the prices are refreshing too. Grab a cheap flight from Chicago to Salt Lake City, plus 2 nights at a hotel, for about $476.

I’m looking forward to celebrating the end of winter — and the onset of Spring Fever — with a cheap vacation to Colorado in April. With cheap travel deals under $500 from CheapTickets, I can choose from dozens of hotel and flight options without worrying about breaking the bank. Check out all of the cheap vacations under $500 on the cheap travel deals page.

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Kate Schwartz is a marketing coordinator for CheapTickets. When
she’s not searching for the best travel deals, she’s out taking
advantage of them!  From hiking the Rockies to lounging on the beaches
of Barcelona, Kate is always looking for adventure.

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