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San Francisco hotels
Flights and hotels get cheaper when you buy them together on CheapTickets. How cheap? Just check out these sample vacation packages for less than $500:

  • Orlando (from Detroit) — $360
  • San Francisco (from Denver) — $399
  • Phoenix (from Chicago) — $457
  • Fort Myers (from St. Louis) — $399
  • Washington, D.C. (from Boston) — $439

Vacation packages include one round-trip flight and a two-night hotel stay.

In fact, CheapTickets has a wide selection of vacation packages under $500. You could fly from Baltimore to New Orleans and have a two-night hotel stay for under $500. Or fly from Philadelphia to Miami and stay two nights. So whether you want to live it up in the city or relax on the beach, you’ll have a cheaper vacation when you book your flights and hotels together.

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