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has just unveiled its new Urban Traveler section
— which is devoted to better serving the travel needs and interests of the African-American

The Urban Traveler section offers:

  • Featured content provided by
  • A "Top Spots" list highlighting the hottest urban
    travel destinations and events
  • A "Featured Destination" spotlight about the most
    popular urban destinations and event of the month.

Urban Traveler also includes a blog, featuring travel information and insight from magazine
editors, museum curators, celebrities and more. The first blog post is by’s Senior Editor Terry Glover.

Here’s an excerpt:

We are pleased to partner with’s new Urban Traveler site to highlight some of those destinations and available travel options. Of our top picks (check back often, because we’re constantly peeping new hot spots!) my top choice of historic destinations would have to be the Frederick Douglass house in Washington, D.C.

Besides his legacy as a great orator and abolitionist, the fact that Douglass staked out a homestead in an area designated as "off limits" speaks to the challenges we’ve been able to overcome and the striver in all of us that turns every obstacle into an opportunity. The fact that he did it smack in the middle of our nation’s seat of government sweetens the pie!

Check out the Urban Traveler microsite at

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