To watch a body performing the fluid movements of dance can by a mesmerizing, magical experience. Whether it is ballet, tap or any other type of performance, the way that a person can entertain with nothing but their body is an amazing talent. To be able to find discount dance tickets is a great way to be able to explore the world of dance and enjoy an evening of the arts.

In some cultures dance is used as a way to communicate nonverbally and as a nontraditional form of expression as well as a type of social interaction. Dance is made up of movements of the body that are rhythmic and go along to music. Dances are performed in most cultures and can be used for spiritual release as well as in a performance setting.

It is not clear how long dancing has been practiced through out the wold. Since there is no tools or artifacts left behind from dancing. There has been paintings found such as the nine thousand year old India Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka and the Egyptian tomb paintings that depicted dancing figures that were from c. 3300 BC. So it is clear that dance has ben a part of life from the beginning of time. Dance has been used to tell storied, get soldiers ready to fight and to attract a mate from the opposite sex. This shows what a wide and varied affect dance can have on the body.

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