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Wild Splash tickets are sold en masse ever year for Tampa Bay’s Wild 94.1 hits and hip hop radio station, a concert they hold for their station and fans of some of the biggest artists in the country. Tickets to Wild Splash usually go on sale in the Winter, as the annual concert occurs every year during Spring Break, when Florida explodes with tourists and local partiers alike. Because of all the influx of people to the Tampa Bay area, it is usually a good idea to buy your Wild Splash tickets as early as possible, so that you are not trying to find tickets at the last minute and competing with thousands of other people.

Wild Splash lasts only one day, but goes from one in the afternoon until about ten at night in a festival-type atmosphere. Up to fifteen thousand people attend the concert every year, making it one of the premiere smaller hip hop festivals for true fans of the genre to attend. Because of this reputation, some of the biggest hip hop acts headline and some of the up and coming hip hop acts in the country will play throughout the day. In the 2012, where Wild Splash tickets were incredibly popular, excellent artists like Childish Gambino, Machine Gun Kelly and Waka Flocka played, before headliner DMX came out to close the successful night. It’s this find of powerful hip hop stage presence that makes tickets for Wild Splash so desirable for so many in the Tampa Bay area.

Another fun aspect to the Wild Splash hip hop festival is the crowd itself, which is always the case at music festivals in general. Crowds usually reflect the core feeling and attitude of the music itself and this is undoubtedly the case at Wild Splash. Some of the best wheels and rides come to the festival every year, showing off style from the parking lot, before you even get inside the event itself. Check these out before the music if you can.

However, the main trick in attending Wild Splash is buying tickets as soon as the lineup is announced, or gambling on the festival having another excellent group of artists performing that year. Most years, the lineup is not announced until early February, making Wild Splash tickets sell like crazy in the month leading up to the show in mid-March. So if you do take the gamble and buy cheap Wild Splash tickets early, you will save money and have the option to sell the tickets for more money in the weeks before the show. Tickets for Wild Splash are usually priced around 25 dollars, though this price can usually fluctuate based on timing and the quality of the lineup.

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