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The Washington Redskins are a popular professional football team headquartered in Ashburn, VA. Since 1932, the Redskins have played over 1,000 football games and won three Super Bowl championships. They have also won six conference championships and 10 divisional titles. The Redskins are part of the National Football Conference's East Division.

The Washington Redskins are also known for their rivalry with the Dallas Cowboys, which began in 1960 when the Cowboys were formed. The rivalry grew out of problems between the owner of the Redskins and the eventual founder of the Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys founder Clint Murchison, Jr. had originally attempted to buy the Redskins from then-owner George Preston Marshall. Marshall changed the deal at the last minute, and an angry Murchison retaliated by purchasing the rights to the Redskins' well-established fight song. When Murchison tried to create his own team, the Cowboys, Marshall voted against it. However, Murchison agreed to return the rights to the Redskins' fight song if Marshall would allow the team to exist, and the Cowboys were founded as a result. Nonetheless, the rivalry between to two teams remains strong to this day and is played out in two head-to-head games every season.

According to data published by Forbes Magazine, the Redskins are one of the most valuable franchises in all of the NFL. With such a rich history and impeccable winning record, it's no wonder that so many people buy tickets and book hotels near Washington Redskins football games each season. Washington Redskins Football tickets are usually expensive, but you can find cheap Redskins tickets to these games on our website. Enjoy the game!

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