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Sleep No More tickets give theater enthusiasts perhaps the most unusual play available. Sleep No More is an epic and interactive retelling of Shakespeare's Macbeth by English experimental acting troupe Punchdrunk. Audiences don't sit in front of a stage in this show, instead they don Venetian masks to disguise them from the performers and move about a five-story hotel devoted entirely to the show. The entire hotel is a part of the show and the audience is free to wander where they will to take in whichever part they would enjoy most.

The elaborate set design encompasses a 100,000 square foot hotel and includes luxury suites, a hotel bar, a psychiatric ward, and much more. All areas of the hotel are open for exploration and actors wander individually or in groups to perform for the audience. Sleep No More tickets NYC give fans access to perhaps the most unique off-Broadway play ever performed. Audiences are allowed to be right in the middle of the action, which can often be risque. Punchdrunk does not allow patrons under the age of 16 to view the show, because there are simulated sex scenes, violence, and frontal nudity.

Sleep No More discount tickets can be difficult to get ahold of since it has become such a large attraction. Hollywood stars such as Neil Patrick Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, and Ewan McGregor ensure that no performance is ever the same, as does the fully immersive experience that makes the audience a part of the show. Guests can interact with the set, turning on and off showers, taking shots left on tables, or follow a favorite actor around the hote. Every Sleep No More performance is a completely unique experience, keeping guests coming again and again.

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