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Known locally as the “silver and black” the Raiders were one of the original teams in the American Football Conference. Formed in 1960 they began their career in Oakland and then moved to Los Angeles in 1982. After 13 seasons in Southern California the team came back to Oakland in 1994. The Alameda-Oakland Coliseum, now called the O.co Coliseum, was renovated to make it more “football friendly.” This included creating “Mount Davis” a new 10,000 seat section named after long term general manager and head-coach Al Davis. That gave the team even more Oakland Raider football tickets available for sale to an increasing Oakland fan base.

After a rough first three years, the Raiders started winning championships. While the team was still selling Oakland Raider tickets under the American Football League, they won the 1967 conference. In 1970 the league merged with the NFL and the Raiders became part of the American Football Conference, Western Division. Since that merger, the team has earned 12 AFC West division championships and three Super Bowl wins, in 1976, 1980 and 1983. Sales of Oakland Raider football tickets went through the roof.

Some of the most sought after Oakland Raider tickets were for games featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers, the team’s archrivals during the 1970s. At the time they were considered two of the best clubs in the league and regularly met in the playoffs. In three of those games a trip to the Super Bowl was at stake. Raider tickets not only gave you a chance for a super-charged tailgate party before these games, but a chance to watch some of the roughest football even seen. Sports media made the most out of the rivalry, highlighting the frequently controversial plays and running testosterone-filled interviews. Colorful head coach John Madden, who later went on to TV sports commentary, did his bit to fuel the rivalry fire.

The move to Los Angeles was a blow to fans in the Oakland Area. The thought that there would be no more Oakland Raider tickets for sale and no more over-the-top Sunday pre-game tailgate parties devastated local football lovers. Al Davis was in the proverbial football “dog-house.” Fans that once clambered after Raider tickets were now burning team jerseys and souvenirs in protest.

In 1989, after Los Angeles failed to build a promised new stadium, Davis started negotiating with Oakland to bring the team back. The Raider Nation fan base held their breath until the team was once again in Bay Area hands and forgave Davis. They now happily buy their Oakland Raider Football tickets and occupy the rowdy “Black Hole” section of the stadium. Cheap Oakland Raider tickets are on sale now. Game tickets and hotels near Oakland Raiders football games are a hot commodity and games are typically sold out. Buy yours early, don't wait until game time or you may lose out. Come out and be part of the “silver and black” extravaganza. It’s part carnival, part uncontrolled rowdiness and 100 percent hard-hitting Oakland Raider football.

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