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Originally called the Aggies, it was in 1915 that Kansas State University's new coach, "Chief" Bender, nicknamed his team the Wildcats. However, they wore the moniker "Farmers" for a year before the Wildcats name stuck for good. Their team color was chosen in 1896. KSU athletics have been known as the Purple Pride since Vince Gibson's tenure as coach.

With its recent 75% winning record, Kansas State's football program has gained extra bragging rights in addition to its participation in post-season bowl games 14 out of 19 seasons. Since 1993 the Wildcats claim the top 25% of schools able to win 11 games in six out of seven seasons. Under coach Bill Snyder's tutelage, they rate third in overall wins for the Big 12 Conference.

Kansas State Wildcats Football tickets entitle the purchaser to watch competition with conference teams like Texas, Texas A & M, Kansas, and Oklahoma State. These games help fulfill the K-State pledge and mission to provide 'the best fan experience in the Big 12 conference.'

But you'll want more than just cheap Kansas State Wildcats Football tickets. A visit to the Kansas State University campus to see a game might also include a stop at the Alumni Center to view university artifacts and memorabilia. And be sure to check out the aquarium filled with purple sea life! The Call Hall Dairy Bar serves student-made ice creams and dairy products, purple pride being the favorite flavor on campus! Naturalists want to be sure and stop by the K-State University Gardens, Prairie Biological Station, and Insect Zoo.

Even though K-State games are strongly supported by both campus, community and alums, you don't need to claw and scratch your way to cheap tickets for Kansas State Wildcats football games. Just click here.

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