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The off-Broadway musical production, I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change is one of the longest running musical productions. The comedic musical has been a favorite date production for several years and continues to bring out laughter in the audience as the central theme remains a topic most adults can relate to and understand.

The musical production was first performed in 1996 in off-Broadway theaters. This theatrical comedy has been translated into several languages due to the universal nature of the storyline and the popularity of the production. With more than 14 different languages, the production has been seen by audiences around the world.

This comedic theater production features the central theme of love, relationships, dating and the challenges of marriage. While it was originally a modern satire of dating and love, this year’s showing has elements of nostalgia due to the original 1990s setting. Some elements of the play are a little dated due to wording, terminology and the changes that have occurred since the play was written.

The musical not only has a long history of productions with more than 5000 showings throughout the United States, it also has a history of bringing couples together. The theme of dating, love and marriage has opened a door of opportunity for new engagements. According to the official website of I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change, as many as 57 marriage proposals have taken place on the stage and resulted in an engagement.

Despite the slightly dated feel, tickets for I Love You are limited. As an off-Broadway production, Now Change tickets have limited seating arrangements. The theater size is always less than 500 seats, which reduces the audience size and limits the number of tickets available for the musical.

While the seating options are limited due to smaller theaters, cheap I Love You tickets are available before the production. Those who want to see this long running production will want to act quickly to get the best seats in the theater. While the best seats are usually in the front of the theater, the benefit of enjoying this off-Broadway production is that the smaller theater size ensures all members of the audience are able to see, hear and enjoy the musical.

Tickets for I Love You will require early planning. Early purchases allow audience members the opportunity to pick out seating arrangements and select the best pricing option for individual budgets. Our cheap I Love You tickets are available as soon as tour schedules are announced, so planning a special event for the evening and enjoying this love themed musical runs smoothly.

Enjoying a live stage performance that takes on love, dating, romance and marriage in a comedy that has touched audiences since 1996 will result in laughter and memories for a lifetime. As a musical that is written for adult audiences, it is a great date idea. Now Change tickets are available around the country as the theater group tours different cities.

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