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If you are looking for Faust opera tickets, you have come to the right place. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) wrote Faust over the course of more than 60 years. The first fragment was released and performed in 1790; however the final draft was not completed and performed until 1854!

This is an interesting work. It is classified as a tragic play and also fits into the epic category. The first tickets for Faust as a complete work were issued in Weimar in 1875. Just a few years later, in 1883, Faust was part of another first. Theater goers purchased tickets for Faust as the first opera ever performed at the old Metropolitan Opera House. This engaging opera has been part of the ongoing offerings of the Met since that grand beginning.

Goethe drew inspiration from many sources during his completion of Faust. He used the real life of Johann George Faust (1480-1540) who reportedly traded his soul to the devil for a mere 24 years of pleasure and heightened knowledge. Christopher Marlowe wrote a play dedicated to the legends and rumors surrounding the real Faust. In fact, many works have taken Johann Faust’s life as a starting point.

Goethe was a huge fan of Shakespeare and there are parts of his work that show the Shakespearean influence clearly. There are numerous plays and operatic variations of Faust for theater goers today. If you buy tickets for Faust you will most likely see a libretto written by Jules Barbier and Michel Carré from a play based on Part 1 of Goethe’s complete work; performed with musical compositions by French composer Charles-François Gounod.

You can buy your cheap Faust opera tickets here for your night at the theater. Although the story is filled with trials and hardships, there are also passionate tension filled moments during the third act as Marguerite and Faust struggle with temptation and desire. The vacillating emotions, coupled with intensely charged vocal performances, are often the most reviewed portions of the performance.

When critics buy Faust tickets, they go to evaluate the performers skill and artistry. If the reviews are any indication, critics are probably in line trying to get Faust tickets for the sheer pleasure of attending a performance at the Met with Jonas Kaufmann as one of the lead characters.

Critics have written rave reviews about tenor Jonas Kaufmann’s performance as Faust. They describe him as tender, potent, glorious and powerful. With your Faust tickets you can hear the skill and musicianship from this world-renowned tenor for yourself and experience his impressive emotional delivery and vocal control as he pours our his best night after night. Kaufman is able to combine a burnished, throbbing tenor voice and an emotionally powerful delivery that is stunning and marvelous. His artistry and control will fill the theater for many years to come.

Get your cheap Faust opera tickets and go to the theater prepared to me amazed by the storyline, the characters and the superior vocal delivery.

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