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We are your choice for Das Rhinegold tickets. Das Rheingold opera tickets may be difficult to find, and Das Rheingold cheap tickets may even be more of a challenge to locate, but we can be of assistance.

Das Rheingold or “The Rhine Gold” is the first of four of Richard Wagner’s “The Ring of Nibelung”, or Ring Cycle operas. The others that follow are “The Valkyrie”, “Siegfried”, and Gotterdammerung or “Twilight of the Gods”.

As a series based on Norse myth, these operas combine to tell the tale of the Rhine Gold, its theft, and its eventual transformation into a powerful and dangerous ring. The operas also tell of the life of the hero Siegfried. Das Rheingold tickets are your passes into a world of gods, glory and doom.

In Das Rheingold , the operatic series comes to life as a gnome by the name of Alberich, after being rejected by the three Rhinemaidens, decides to take their gold. This theft begins what will ultimately be a series of adventures set in not only Das Rheingold, but in the following three operas as well.

With a 45 ton set and amazing special effects, Das Rheingold tickets are your admission to a world of fantasy and legend.

Follow the story of the stolen gold, that ring, and the greed for power that follows.

Castles, magic potions, deceit, passion and a desire to have the magic ring, are all just a part of this extravagant theatrical production. We can help provide premium tickets for Das Rheingold.

Das Rheingold opera tickets are popular, in part, because of the great reviews the presentation receives.

The New Jersey Star Ledger says “Richard Wagner’s “Der Ring des Nibelungen” inspires fanaticism like nothing else in opera — and like little else, period.”

The New York Times added “…it was an impressive success: an inventive, fluid staging and a feat of technological wizardry.”

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