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Cirque du Soleil is a Canadian circus art and street art company, which began in 1984 with only 2 people. In the 1990’s the Cirque became profitable and was able to develop more shows, each with a synergy of styles and a central plotline. Today performances have been given on every continent of the earth with the exception of Antarctica. Performances feature live music and are animal free. Cirque du Soleil Totem is a new production created by the highly acclaimed theater director, Robert Lepage. This show is more theatrical than its Cirque predecessors and has original new performance art techniques. High tech stage technology is employed, enhancing stage settings and visual presentation.

Tickets to Cirque du Soleil Totem will give you the opportunity to see a thrilling stage performance about nature and the evolution of man. The theme is based on many human myths and traditions and tells the story of man’s progression from a primitive sea creature to his current state of seeking to fly and to triumph over the bounds of gravity, in a quest to explore his universe.

This extraordinary presentation involving acrobatics, dance and aerial displays is enhanced by the myriad of brilliantly designed costumes. An important aspect of the costumes is the semblance of their fabric to natural materials including minerals, seedpods, feathers and insects. The stage settings compliment the performers with natural imagery showing starry skies, volcanoes and swamps produced using interactive projection technology. The interactive scenery appears to move with the performers in a dance of light and motion. These performers have exceptional physical and acrobatic abilities. Hoop dancing, foot juggling and unicycling acts will take your breath away. One of the most original, talented and intriguing acts, performed brilliantly is The Lovebirds who get to know each other and themselves, while giving an acrobatic performance on the high trapeze.

When you see the Cirque du Soleil Totem, you will be blown away by the emotionally powerful and uplifting performance. Bring your entire family to experience this amazing show. The best seats sell out quickly, so purchase Cirque du Soleil Totem tickets as soon as you can. See the stages of man’s progression performed by a cast of 52 international performers. The main characters are The Tracker, The Scientist, an Amerindian dancer who dances the story of human evolution, The Crystal Man who may represent the cycle of all things, a Sad Fisherman Clown and an Italian Tourist Clown who provide comic relief. A troop of humans perform as apes on an evolutionary path to cell phone usage.

This talented show need not be analyzed to death. Cirque du Soleil Totem is at the very apex of circus art, with scenes that will leave everyone spellbound. Enjoy the magic. C’est tout! Cheap tickets for Cirque du Soleil Totem are on sale now.

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