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Until her hit song Jar of Hearts landed on a popular reality show, singer-songwriter Christina Perri was a complete unknown. There was no such thing as tickets for Christina Perri concerts being completely sold out. In fact, just filling up a smaller venue was pretty difficult.

Christina Perri grew up in a small suburb near Philadelphia. Although she enjoyed music as a youth, she didn't expect that she would manage to sell millions of Christina Perri concert tickets one day. Her extraordinary journey began when, at 16 years old, she taught herself how to play the guitar. As things progressed, Perri decided to make a go at an actual career in music. She moved to Los Angeles and got married.

Unfortunately for Perri, her young marriage was not meant to be. After 18 months, the marriage ended in a rather nasty divorce. However, what started as a super painful experience also offered Perri the inspiration necessary to write a hit song that would later make Christina Perri concert tickets for sale a hot commodity. '

Although she was busy recording music, Christina Perri was on a pretty humble road around the time she wrote Jar of Hearts. She worked as a waitress by day, trying hard to scrape together enough money to get by. The rest of the time, she worked on perfecting her music.

Perri's big break came in 2010, when one of her friends passed along Jar of Hearts to So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Stacey Tookey. Tookey immediately fell in love with the song and decided to use it for one of her dances on the hit reality show. The night that the song was played on So You Think You Can Dance, millions of viewers fell in love with Christina Perri's beautiful voice. She soon found her song being downloaded at record rates. Soon after, Perri was booked for performances on a variety of TV shows, including Jay Leno and The Early Show. As the song began climbing up the Billboard charts, Christina Perri found her voice more and more in demand.

Today, Perri remains a highly popular musician. She loves performing and it's a good thing; Christina Perri tickets sell out quite quickly these days. The artist has set several tour dates for this year. Christina Perri concert tickets are being sold in a variety of locations. Once these Christina Perri tickets are sold, lucky fans will get to witness the singer's extraordinary voice live.

Hopefully, despite her fame, Perri will able to retain the same down-to-earth beauty that made her so appealing in the first place. This sweet personality should make it even easier to sell tickets for Christina Perri concerts. If nothing else, Perri's highly dedicated fan base will ensure that tickets for Christina Perri concerts always sell out quickly. If you love listening to a beautiful voice and unique lyrics, be sure to get your Christina Perri tickets here!

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