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Grunge lovers will enjoy getting Candlebox tickets to their latest concert or event. If you want to avoid being left out of Candlebox concert tickets, now is the time to find them. We provide an excellent selection of these tickets until they are sold out. Find out what is available now and start preparing for a night of hard rocking fun. Tickets for the Candlebox concert could sell out if you wait too long.

For those who are passionate about this group and all it offers, the cheap Candlebox tickets for sale here are some of the best. The band, an American post-grunge band has had numerous successes over its long career. Started in 1990 in Seattle, Washington, the group has become a popular choice for young adults looking to let out some steam. Over its career, the band has released a total of five studio albums. Each has reached either gold or multi-platinum levels in selling.

As you browse for the available Candlebox tickets for your event, take a look at this group's history. The first album from the band, self-titled, was an immediate success for the them. The group was the first successful band to sign with Madonna's Maverick Records. That first album, out in 1993, included the big hits, "You" and "Far Behind." The next albums included "Happy Pills" and "Lucy." It was critically acclaimed as a success for the group. Their third album, 'Into the Sun" did well and you may have been lucky enough to obtain Candlebox concert tickets for this event as the touring was extensive.

Perhaps you want tickets for the Candlebox concert for their latest production. If that's the case, we offer a great assortment of Candlebox tickets for sale. Simple browse through our selection so you can start planning an evening of music. Perhaps you love the band's other hits such as "Cover Me" or "Simple Lessons." Popular songs from the album, "Into the Sun," include "Stand," "Miss You," and "A Kiss Before." "Believe in It" is a popular song from the "Love Stories and Other Musings" album from the band.

Tickets to Candlebox will get you pumped. The group, with lead singer Kevin Martin and band members Peter Klett, Scott Mercado, Sean Hennessy and Adam Kury, are known for their bad attitudes and shocking lyrics but every concert is unique. You never know what this alternative rock band is going to produce on their next tour and you will not want to miss out on it either.

Candlebox tickets make a fantastic gift for anyone that's followed this band since its start. On the other hand, keeping them for yourself makes sense too. It can be hard to get the best seats in the house. If you want to be up-close so you can feel the band breath and see into their eyes, buy your Candlebox concert tickets here and buy them early. That's the best way to get the experience of a lifetime that only this band can offer.

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