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Buy your Buddy Guy concert tickets as soon as possible because shows for the phenomenal blues guitarist sell out fast. One of the leading guitarists, singers and musicians for decades, Buddy Guy has influenced more than one up and coming artist including Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Clapton. His sound is pure blues with soul and when you buy tickets for Buddy Guy, you are buying a ticket not only for an outstanding show but also for a look at a living legend in music.

Guy was born in Louisiana in 1936. He started young learning to play instruments and was influenced by Lightning Slim. He moved to Baton Rouge in the 50s and began his musical career. In 1957, he moved to Chicago where you will find Buddy Guy’s Legends Club. It’s everything to do with the blues and many times, he’ll be on hand at the club. As the premier blues club in Chicago, stop by if you are in the city or you’ve bought Buddy Guy tickets and on the way to the concert.

When you buy tickets for Buddy Guy, you become part of the performance. Guy’s high-energy performances hitting high notes then dropping to deep raspy singing with subtle inflections is mesmerizing. He engages the audiences with his infectious smile and gravelly voice hitting all the notes. Moving into multiple riffs on the guitar, he sends audiences to a place most musicians never find. You can tell he is enjoying every minute of what he is playing and singing on stage. This type of performance is why you want Buddy Guy concert tickets.

Pulling every soulful note out of the guitar, he and the musicians performing with him take the music to another level that sends chill down your spine. Accompanied by guitarists, piano, organ, saxophone, and drums the blended sounds, unique vocals, and intricate fretwork by Guy keep the concert entertaining.You'll experience the real deal of blues music when you have tickets for Buddy Guy.

You’ll get your money’s worth when you buy tickets to Buddy Guy. Watching and listening to him sing classics like “Mustang Sally” or the super-hot “Hoochie Coochie Man” makes you wiggle in your seat. With Buddy Guy tickets, you'll be drawn into the performance as he walks down into the crowd and plays and has the audience sing. Adding a little “jazz scat” and trilling saxophone to his blues rendition makes the music that much sweeter and why you want to buy Buddy Guy tickets as soon as possible.

His book “When I Left Home: My Story” was released May 2010. For an interesting read on this man, his life and history, buy a copy before you buy tickets to Buddy Guy for a thorough understanding of the man and his music.

Don’t let the opportunity to buy cheap Buddy Guy concert tickets go by. See the man and his signature polka dot guitar and hear his brand of blues like you’ve never heard blues before. Get your tickets to Buddy Guy quickly and securely and enjoy listening to a legend.

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