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If you don't recognize the face of John Popper, don't feel bad. He's never been plastered on billboards, and has rarely even graced the cover of his band's many albums. However, if you turned your radio on at any time during the 90's, you will recognize his voice. The lead singer of "Blues Traveler" has what may be the most unique vocal presence of any performance artist from the last two decades. If that voice isn't enough to convince you to purchase tickets for Blues Traveler, his harmonica playing will.

Blues Traveler was one of the standout acts to take the stage as part of the early 90's wave of "jam bands". The band saw limited success with the release of its first few studio recordings. However, the band's stage presence helped them develop a devout fan base. By the time the band released their fourth album, aptly named "Four", Blues Traveler tickets had become top sellers.

Though their fourth album may have been the pinnacle of their studio album success, the band's extensive touring schedule led to greater things. "Run Around" and "Hook", the hit singles from "Four", are the primary draws for casual fans of the band. It is the band's prolonged jams, however, that convince die-hard fans to purchase Blues Traveler tickets over and over again. In fact, many fans purchase Blues Traveler tickets to consecutive shows on the same tour because they understand that no two concerts are going to be the same.

It is not just the extended jams that are unique to the band's concerts, but also their ability to segue from one song to the next. In fact, these transitions have become a sort of trademark for the band. With such a large catalogue of songs to choose from, they are constantly creating new set lists to show off their ability to move seamlessly from one jam to the next. It's worth paying the price for Blues Traveler concert tickets just to hear their unique methods of pairing their songs together.

The band has been known to fill some of the largest music venues in the country, and that means a lot of people line up at the gates. Tickets to the Blues Traveler concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre near Denver, Colorado, are some of the hardest to come by. This annual concert is normally a two day event on July 3rd and 4th. True fans travel from all over the country to attend this show, where the band showcases new original songs and covers. At Red Rocks, the band is also well known for busting out songs that have been lost for years in their back catalogue. Though you can often find cheap tickets for Blues Traveler on our website, it is nearly impossible to find tickets to this concert if you wait too long.

"Blues Traveler" has been around for a very, very long time. If you haven't purchased Blues Traveler concert tickets in the last 25 years or so, you may still get a chance to see them. However, if they schedule a show near you, plan ahead. Tickets to the Blues Traveler concert nearest your location may not be easy to find at the last minute, and sometimes it is impossible.

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