Listening to one New Age group to understand the entire musical genre is like looking at the color blue to understand a rainbow. Music that’s categorized under the heading of “new age” is perhaps even more diverse than some mainstream genres. In fact, some artists reject the term “new age” altogether, pointing out that from humanity’s first attempts at making music sound has been used to relax, challenge perspectives and alter human consciousness – all concepts that are used for describing New Age music.

Whether you are a long-time fan or just beginning to explore the depths of this creative genre there’s no time like the present to purchase some new age music tickets. Tickets for some of the biggest names in new age music such as Yanni and Enya can sell out quickly, but you can buy them cheap here, especially if you act quickly.

What is new age music, exactly? As a commercial force, it was born in the 1980s in California. Early in the decade in Mountain View, California, Tower Records was the first big music store to add a “new age” category to its record bins and in 1985 the Los Angeles rock radio station, KMET was the first to convert to a full-time format of New Age music. They changed their call letters to KTMV and “the Wave” became one of the most innovative stations of its time.

Musically, new age music is inspired by jazz, classical and acoustic music as well as electronic instruments like the synthesizer. If you’ve never experienced a live performance of this type of music, get your new age concert tickets as soon as possible. You can choose from “chill out” music, music with a spiritual message or tunes that are just interesting fun to vibe to.

A pair of new age music concert tickets is the perfect gift for anyone you know who likes to mellow out and let their mind wander. Fans of new age music report that it helps them relax, feel revitalized and get in touch with their creative or spiritual side. If they can get that from recorded music, just imagine what a live concert must be like!

Don’t miss the chance to get new age concert tickets for your favorite group today. New dates and performances are added regularly so check the schedule often and get ready for a musical experience that just might expand your mind.

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