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Vacation is a journey that starts as soon as you leave home. Here are five scenic roads in the Continental United States that’ll have you Instagramming long before you reach your final destination. Overseas Highway, Florida Keys The drive from Miami to Key West is paradise found. Turquoise waters, lush green foliage and an ever-changing cotton candy [read more…]

You’ll find tepid tacos, edible hot dogs and passable pizza pretty much anywhere, but you want to feel like you’re getting something special for your meal ticket. So we scoured North America for bargain-priced, refreshingly creative plates, and found 11, all 10 bucks or under. 1. Killer Combo at Komodo, Venice, Calif.: $10 For your [read more…]

Calling cities by their nicknames seems to be a trait common among tourists, but that’s not to say locals don’t occasionally use their city’s nickname with endearment. These terms have become commonplace in our vocabulary, but their origin stories dig a little deeper into history. NYC – The Big Apple New York City. A breeding [read more…]

Gifting yourself an urban getaway during the winter holidays could have you singing “Cha-cha-ching” to the tune of “Jingle Bells.” Hotels in big cities such as New York, Chicago and San Francisco silently unleash some of their lowest prices of the year over the holiday season. This is especially true during the week of Christmas [read more…]

Cheap City, USA is a CheapTickets blog series where we show you that any city can be enjoyed on a budget if you know where to look. In this breakdown of Cheap City, USA, we take a look at Chicago. Millennium Park and Grant Park Let’s start with the obvious but no less essential must-see [read more…]

Money doesn’t grow on your tree pose. Fortunately, major cities across the country host free yoga classes through summer—perfect for traveling warriors who want to avoid the $10 to $25 per-class fee that’s standard at most yoga studios. Plus, most of these yoga sessions are held outdoors in iconic cosmopolitan settings, which is ideal for [read more…]

By Vince Font This might sound strange, but every time I think about St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago I can’t help remembering the scene from “The Fugitive” where Harrison Ford uses the parading throngs to make good on his getaway from Tommy Lee Jones. While the actual parade and river dyeing happened over the weekend, [read more…]

For a cheap Halloween getaway, you’ll find it hard to resist Windy City where cheap Chicago hotels, rustling leaves and cool fall temps and early bargains on holiday shopping deals are only half the reason to go. For me, it’s the many Halloween attractions that keep me coming back for more. Don’t take my word for it — plan your trip now and don’t miss these favorite Chicago Halloween celebrations.

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