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Bora Bora: Just the name conjures images images of perfect beaches, unbelievably clear waters, and a vacation budget that rivals some small countries’ national budgets. Fortunately, there’s more than one place in the world that looks like a postcard. To celebrate National Lookalikes Day, we’re offering up some dupe dream vacations—that is, affordable lookalikes of some of [read more…]

A good musical will make you want to sing, dance, laugh, cry and…travel? Naturally. Some of the world’s most vibrant cities and cultures inspired its most most popular theater acts. These musical destinations are calling (or singing) your name: class=”aligncenter Chicago: ‘Chicago’ Kick off your travels with a city so great—and so infamously gritty—that they [read more…]

Call for all cheap travel tips, big and small! How cheap are you? So cheap that you have enough cheap travel tips to fill a book? That plethora of knowledge could win you 1 of 5 free vacations if you enter it into the Show Us Your Cheap contest. We’re giving away trips to 5 winners with the [read more…]

Sure the Euro is down, but that does nothing for the Anglophile cheapster. London’s on the pound sterling, a.k.a., the oldest currency still in use, but don’t let the old pound keep you from hopping over the pond. You can actually experience London on the cheap and it’s bloody brilliant. Related: 5 cheap European destinations 1. Museums [read more…]

Spending so much on a Halloween costume that you have to dip into your travel fund? Now that’s scary. Fortunately, these DIY costume ideas leave plenty of cash for your next wanderlust fix while letting everyone know that travel is your idea of a treat. Parisian mime: A striped shirt and a beret are all you really need [read more…]

With so many factors constantly threatening to throw off your itinerary when you travel, the last thing you need is an added uncertainty surrounding your arrival to the airport. These airports and transit systems make it easy for the traveler needing to get from the airport to the city center cheap and fast.   O’Hare [read more…]

This one goes out to all our WISE folk out there. You’re only as old as you allow your heart to think it is. Age is more a matter of practicality than reality, and the amount of living you do has less to do with the quantity of years and more to do with the quality [read more…]

Cheap Right Now gives a snapshot of a cheap weekend getaway each month. September in Rome is unmatched. The evenings are becoming cooler, making that glass of red wine on the cafe patio after dinner a little more inviting, but the days are still warm enough to encourage gelato indulgences. Harvest time gives way to [read more…]

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then some landmarks should be downright charmed. If you don’t have the time or money to see the real thing, then opt for one of these faux versions of tourists attractions that are often imitated and nearly duplicated.  Related: 5 stunning U.S. scenic drives  Leaning Tower of Pisa replica [read more…]

If you’re looking in the mirror and wondering when it’s time you finally take the plunge and book your first trip overseas to Europe, then yes, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, you’re the smartest of them all!” 2015 is definitely THE year to travel. Related: 7 breathtaking cruise ports around the world While the strength [read more…]