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class=”alignnone Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Just north of the Illinois/Wisconsin border, this laid-back watering hole has become quite the Midwest getaway for slowed-down weekends of lakeside moseying through shops and finding a good patio at sunset to lazily sip on a beer. Personal boat rentals can cost you a few mackerels, so get your float on with a [read more…]

Cheap of the Month gives a snapshot of a cheap weekend getaway each month. The Midwest is a fantastic place to visit in the summer. The humidity can be a pain some days (though nothing compared to the South), but you’ve never seen anything as green and verdant as an Ohio cornfield in the summertime, rising [read more…]

America is the land of opportunity, and this Independence Day is your opportunity to save big on an Orlando vacation, thanks to the CheapTickets Fourth of July sale. While you’re in O-Town, here are five all-American ideas for your itinerary. Commander-in-fun: Everything’s more fun at Walt Disney World — even learning. Sneak in a history lesson when you check [read more…]

Vote for your favorite city in the CheapTickets All-American Barbecue Smackdown Like the best barbecue, this competition is going to get messy. Claim your city as a BBQ boss! Go to our Facebook to vote for your favorite barbecue destination in the CheapTickets “All American Barbecue Smack Down” through June 29, 2015. Vote and you’ll be entered to win a [read more…]

You’ve scraped up enough money for tickets to that great upcoming event, and getting there isn’t a problem. But the price really starts to add up when you book hotels. When a big event comes to town, hotels in downtown areas are known to inflate prices. It is an algorithm most of the chain hotels [read more…]

Cheap of the Month gives a snapshot of a cheap weekend getaway each month.   It’s warming up in the Midwest (finally) and it’s time to get outside. Madison, Wisconsin is a great place to get outdoors for cheap. Named for James Madison and nestled between Lakes Mendota and Monona, Madison is small but mighty. A population of [read more…]

8 a.m. — The call of the Kentucky Derby bugle startles you awake. You momentarily resent how clever you thought it would be when you changed your alarm tone last night, but then you remember — it’s Derby Day!    8:01 — You spring out of bed and dawn your meticulously planned outfit, topping it [read more…]

With approximately 800 miles of beaches, Florida offers plenty of free fun in the sun. But when you’ve gotten your fill of vitamins D and “sea,” consider these other amusements that don’t cost a dime. Catch a free concert: Year-round warm weather means perennial outdoor concert season, so pack a picnic basket and a blanket. [read more…]

There are a few good reasons to have a cold brewski in March. Once everyone has recovered from their St. Patrick’s Day bar hops, it’s the NCAA college basketball tournament that dominates television screens in sports bars across America. In a matter of weeks, 64 teams will be whittled down by 54 single-elimination games. It’s [read more…]

Pack your bikinis, trunks, sunscreen, flip flops, and don’t you dare forget that smartphone. It’s your selfie soulmate; the only way your can prove to your social following that you’re having the best spring break ever. Spring break trelfies (as in, travel selfies) are your time to shine. Enter our CheapTickets Spring Break Trelfie Contest [read more…]